DHEA is a naturally produced pro-hormone. DHEA occurs in the body as a result of a cascading molecular synthesis from the very large complex molecule to progressively smaller more specialized ones. Acetate in the body is converted into cholesterol when certain carbon chains are removed to yield pregnenolone, known as the “grandmother” of all hormones.”

Pregnenolone comes from cholesterol in the cascade. From pregnenolone the body makes progesterone or  17-hydroxypregnenolone.

DHEA comes from the 17-hydroxypregnenolone. Then depending on which carbon chain is next removed, hormones including testosterone, estriol, estrone, and androstenedione are all modifications or simpler compounds produced downstream in the body-s hormone metabolism cascade from DHEA.

This is why DHEA is called “the mother of all hormones.” It is the basic building block or base from which we make most androgens and other smaller molecule hormones.

Androgens and other hormones are what make us feel  well and look well – these compounds are what give us our drive and feeling of well-being.

Hormones are what drive so many aspects of our lives – how productive we are, how we feel, how we interact with others, and more.

Bio-identical DHEA is the same molecular structure as the DHEA made by the human body.  A great transdermal DHEA supplement cream is available from Health2Go, Inc. called Twist 25 DHEA supplement cream (www.twist25.com).

Did You Know?

DHEA supplements taken orally are not as effective as DHEA supplements taken using a transdermal cream. There are two important reasons –

  1. Most DHEA taken orally is eliminated as soon as it enters the system from the digestive tract by the first pass effect of the liver. Most of the effective DHEA from oral supplementation is never available to the body to do any good. Very little ends up being available to the body to utilize as a basic building block or pro-hormone.This is why many of the studies published in recent years failed to show as significant benefits as they could have of many health aspects tested. Unfortunately many studies were done using the wrong method of administration. In addition, most of the studies that did not show significant benefits from using DHEA supplements did not test for effects or benefits for a long enough period of time. Studies should be for at least 90 days, and 6 months would be optimal.
  2. Most DHEA metabolism occurs in the skin. Dr. Fernand Labrie and a team of Canadian researchers published an important study in February 2008 that showed this. Most DHEA is actually used by the body in the biggest organ we have – the skin, or dermis.That is why Twist 25 DHEA supplement cream works so well – Twist 25 DHEA cream provides what the body uses where it is used.Interestingly, DHEA also has a close relative known as DHEA-S, the “sulfated”  form of DHEA. Blood levels of DHEA-S are 300 times higher than those of free DHEA. Oral DHEA supplements mainly supplement DHEA-S.

Did You Also Know ?

  1. DHEA and DHEA-S are the most abundant hormone bases in the human body, and influence more than 150 repair functions throughout the body and brain.
  2. Starting at about age 27, DHEA levels begin to decline, and this loss of DHEA accelerates as we age so that by about age 70 most people are producing only 10% of the DHEA they were producing at age 25.
  3. High levels of DHEA are strongly associated with longevity, good diet habits and regular exercise.
  4. Low levels of DHEA are associated with depression, dementia, obesity, asthma, adult-onset diabetes, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, increased risk for cancer, and increased cardiovascular disease.
  5. Low levels of DHEA are associated with increased risk of death from all causes, and an increased risk of mortality for many disease states such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  6. Leading endocrinologists believe that optimal restoration of anabolic drive – true anti-aging – will be achieved by maintaining DHEA levels at the level of a healthy 30-year-old.
  7. There is no evidence – clinical or experimental – that associates physiologic DHEA supplementation with any dangerous side effects.
  8. Supplementing DHEA levels with a quality transdermal DHEA supplement cream such as Twist 25 DHEA Supplement Cream is much more effective than oral DHEA supplementation. Go to www.twist25.com to learn more or order online.  As a physician, I am not compensated in any way for sales of Twist 25 cream.
  9. While DHEA supplementation has not yet been definitively shown to increase human lifespan, it has been clinically shown to allow a better quality of life day to day – via enhancements in vitality, energy, lean muscle, improved sleep, and increased sex drive.