Weight Loss

Finally! The Dessert-With-Breakfast Diet

At the annual meeting of the endocrine society in Houston, Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz of the Wolfson Medical Center at Tel Aviv University reported that a high-protein, high-carbohydrate breakfast that included a daily dessert such as cake or a cookie resulted in a significantly greater weight loss through 32 weeks than an identically low-caloric weight-loss diet featuring a low carbohydrate breakfast, according to a randomized trial. The net loss at 32 weeks was 45 pounds in the dessert-with-breakfast group compared with a scant 7.7 pounds in the low carbohydrate group. Even more important than the speed of weight loss is that patients feel satiety—less hunger – and that prevents craving.

New Drug Old Drug?

Qsymia, a new diet pill just approved by the FDA, is simply a reincarnation of phen-fen, which was tried and roundly condemned in the 1990-s. Try it at your own risk. It wasn-t good then. A better choice seems to me to be human chorionic gonadotropin topical cream. It, too, was tried before
in the 1960-s in Europe in injectable form. Results were excellent then and it proved entirely safe. Why not again now? Both have been shown to cause impressive weight loss.