The Current Story of Steroid Hormones

LDL cholesterol is a 27 carbon atom molecule as is Delalutin.

Progesterone is a molecule containing 21 or fewer carbon atoms.

Progesterone and pregnenolone are 21 carbon atom molecules.

DHEA – known as the mother of all hormones- is a 19 carbon atom molecule, as are androstenedione and testosterone. These three compounds are called androgens.

Anastrozole, an aromatase inhibitor, used here stops conversion of androgens (19 carbon atom steroids) to estrogens, which are 18 carbon steroids (estradiol, estriol, and estrone).

Prescription transdermal estrogen or testosterone can be used daily. They fine tune sexual performance.

Alcohol and Sex

Alcohol (beer, wine, etc.) increases estrogen production in men. It also increases sex hormone binding globulin which ties up testosterone, thereby inactivating it. Therefore, men who consume large amounts of alcohol feminize and demasculanize themselves to a marked degree. So sorry, fellows. You can-t have it both ways. You ply the lovely lady with several drinks, then can-t perform.


Only testosterone corrects erectile dysfunction (ED). By the way, using compounded testosterone cream or testosterone subcutaneous pellets corrects both libido and ED.

Furthermore, using testosterone alone is not a good idea. It must be accompanied by DHEA to prevent shrinkage of the testicles, as well as testicular tumors, which DHEA (administered by subcutaneous pellets or Twist 25 cream, which has proven effective by laboratory tests to raise DHEA levels) does beautifully.

Testosterone News

A new book entitled The Testosterone Syndrome is now available in all bookstores. The book, written by Eugene Shippen, M.D. and William Fryer, is subtitled “Reversing the Male Menopause.” Dr. Shippen is an internist in Reading, Pennsylvania, who has long championed hormone replacement therapy for both women and men. His book first came out in 1998 but was basically ignored by the medical community. Now, with testosterone cream available commercially and Suzanne Somers’ book Breakthrough selling briskly, interest has ignited in both bio-identical hormone replacement for women and for men.

Of particular interest is that both estradiol and testosterone subcutaneous pellets are now available and FDA approved. They are inserted in the subcutaneous fat of the abdomen or hip each 3 to 4 months using local (skin) anesthesia with xylocaine. Blood levels are monitored periodically.

As part of the professional services I feel should be provided by me to my patients, screening of the voluminous medical literature has become more and more important. The information in this newsletter is derived from periodicals and books which I have read and whose information I have consolidated. Perhaps you have seen an item that I have not included in this list or have not seen myself. If so, feel free to bring it to my attention.