Sex and Heart

Sex is low risk for heart patients. If you can walk up two flights of stairs without chest pain, you can have a love life, according to the American Heart Association.

Alcohol and Sex

Alcohol (beer, wine, etc.) increases estrogen production in men. It also increases sex hormone binding globulin which ties up testosterone, thereby inactivating it. Therefore, men who consume large amounts of alcohol feminize and demasculanize themselves to a marked degree. So sorry, fellows. You can-t have it both ways. You ply the lovely lady with several drinks, then can-t perform.


Women are more attracted to men wearing red than to men wearing other colors. Red is an aphrodisiac for women, as is crimson. Men spend more money on red-clad ladies. this is from a study in The Journal Psychology by psichologist Andrew Elliot at the University of Rochester.


A woman-s ability to orgasm drops with each alcohol drinks she sips. Coffee, experts say, seems to have the opposite effect.