Men’s Health

A Contraceptive for Men

A report in the journal Cell describes a particular molecule called JQJ, a stepping stone to other small molecules that don-t affect a man-s hormones, mood, or libido. Sperm production returns when the drug is stopped.

Alcohol and Sex

Alcohol (beer, wine, etc.) increases estrogen production in men. It also increases sex hormone binding globulin which ties up testosterone, thereby inactivating it. Therefore, men who consume large amounts of alcohol feminize and demasculanize themselves to a marked degree. So sorry, fellows. You can-t have it both ways. You ply the lovely lady with several drinks, then can-t perform.

Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra, obtainable on the Internet, helps correct the impotence problem but does not improve a man-s libido.


Marriage does not necessarily guarantee a longer life, but it is beneficial for men. Women who divorce and never remarry do fine.

Prostate Cancer

According to an article from the University of California, San Diego, seventy percent of men diagnosed with prostate cancer have localized low risk disease.Up to 60% of these men could choose acte surveillance wit a higher quality of life and small risk of not pursuing initial treatment. Only 10% of men currently choose this option.