A New Type of Exercise

An exercise tricycle, called the Trikke Trekker, is now available via the Internet. It is manufactured in California and is excellent for both exercise and balance. Try the blue Trikke T8Air. Dorothy and I both have one, with helmets, kneepads, and golf gloves in case we fall, though we never have. Go as slowly or as fast as you feel comfortable. It is for any age – T5, T8, T12. Choose the model which is right for you. We found it on the Internet at www.houstontrikke.com after seeing it on ABC’s Nightline.

More Exercise

In just the past few months, scientists have discovered that exercise appears to build a brain that resists physical shrinkage and enhances cognitive flexibility. Stimulating games and toys such as crossword puzzles or playing chess don-t seem to help. Increasing blood flow to the brain does.

Walk More Often

Walking may be the single best – and easiest – exercise you can do to improve your health. This was pointed out by British author George Trevelyan in 1913. Nearly a century later this same advice is echoed by medical experts everywhere. Get a good pair of walking shoes that fit well and have an adequate cushion for your heel. Start with short distances or time periods. Increase by a couple of minutes every two weeks. Walk slowly for 5 minutes, briskly for 5 and slower again for the last 5 minutes.

Stand UP!

Standing Orderscome from New Zealand-born former Olympic and World Record holder Sir Peter Snell who, at age 72, is director of the human performance laboratory at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Dr. Snell points out in a recent article that reduced sitting during the 23 hours of the day when one is not working out is very important to overall good health by keeping muscles from becoming tight and by maintaining good posture. Dr. Snell-s book, Use It or Lose It, is available at my office.


A Year of exercise can give a 70-year old brain the connectivity of a 30-year old, improving memory, planning, dealing with ambiguity, and multitasking. New neurons are created in he hippocampus. Meditation increases the brain-s ability to focus on one object.

Early Exercise

A new study conducted in Australia and reported in The Journal of Physiology suggests that running or cycling before breakfast in the fasted state plays a pivotal role in beneficial metabolic adaptations which the body can achieve to prevent weight gain.