Drug Information

Stem Cell Product Soon to Hit Canadian Market

Canada has approved its first stem cell product, Prochymal, made by Osiris Therapeutics based in Columbia, Maryland. New Zealand approved it, too, a few weeks later.

New Drug Old Drug?

Qsymia, a new diet pill just approved by the FDA, is simply a reincarnation of phen-fen, which was tried and roundly condemned in the 1990-s. Try it at your own risk. It wasn-t good then. A better choice seems to me to be human chorionic gonadotropin topical cream. It, too, was tried before
in the 1960-s in Europe in injectable form. Results were excellent then and it proved entirely safe. Why not again now? Both have been shown to cause impressive weight loss.

Breast Cancer

From the journal Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology (September, 2011), emerging data suggest a dramatic new role for beta blockers in the treatment of breast cancer. This applies in particular to the drug Propranalol, invented in 1964. It is an old adrenergic receptor antagonist which reduces tumor metastasis, tumor recurrence, and cancer specific mortality.

A much newer drug, Exemestane, was just released. It was featured in the June 23, 2011 New England Journal of Medicine. Exemestane is taken once a day for 5 years and produces 65% protection against breast cancer for life. There is no reported toxicity and no adverse side effects. Medicare and most insurances cover it, leaving a total cost to the patient of $39 per month.


From “The People-s Pharmacy,” in The Dallas Morning News, July 5, 2011: Boswellia is a tree resin that has traditionally been used in India to treat rheumatism, ulcers, and skin disorders. Research shows that it has anti-inflammatory activity. On the other hand, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can cause bleeding ulcers, gastritis, high blood pressure, ringing in the ears, rash, increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, and etc. These drugs include Motrin, Advil, Aleve, and a particularly bad one called Mobic. Beware!


Can antihypertensive treatment benefit people without hypertension? Yes! Says a metanalysis in Journal of the American Medical Association 2011; 305:913.

Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra, obtainable on the Internet, helps correct the impotence problem but does not improve a man-s libido.