Medication for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Medication for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

The current status of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in this country is in a state of flux. The Women’s Health Initiative Study showed that Premarin, Provera, and their combination (Prempro) were a bad and overly simplistic idea. This was evident years ago, but they were used for the study anyway. Given the study results, the FDA should have followed through and removed all three from the market. Why they did not is a mystery. Liability lawyers, always eager to cash in on a possible new area of lawsuits, may inadvertently accomplish what the FDA didn’t. The pharmaceutical companies who manufacture these drugs will have to discontinue making them because of the legal fees that will be required to defend themselves in the thousands of lawsuits being filed against them. Meanwhile almost half of the women who panicked and stopped taking hormones because the media made all HRT sound dangerous have resumed using hormone replacement in alternative more effective and safer ways, and are periodically monitoring blood hormone levels.

The good options for hormone therapy are growing, all being non-oral.

Another study done in Great Britain called the Million Women Study produced some of the answers we all hoped the Women’s Health Initiative would produce. Because of the huge number of women studied, results concerning cardiovascular effects, bone fractures due to osteoporosis, colon cancer protection, and breast cancer incidence were very meaningful. They verify the results obtained in a preliminary study done on my patients several years ago by an independent investigator, Dr. Gerald Friede, and described elsewhere on my website.

Doctors and patients can finally be reassured that HRT, when it is done correctly, is what it had been hoped to be. If you are seeking a qualified doctor for your HRT needs, please contact me.