Bio-identical Hormone Doctors and Information

Confusion exists regarding the use of the term “natural” versus “bio-identical” hormones, particularly as it applies to the hormones estradiol and progesterone which must be molecule for molecule absolutely “identical” to hormones produced by the human body to have the desired effects. Diosgenin, extracted from wild Mexican yams or soy is the source for the manufacture ofbio-identical hormones.

However, the human body is not capable of transforming diosgenin into either estradiol or progesterone. So using wild yam cream or eating soy is of no benefit as hormone replacement therapy or for treatment for symptoms of menopause.

People requiring hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should use”bio-identical hormone replacement” products – not “natural” hormones. There are 15 different definitions of the word “natural” in the dictionary, and none of them applies correctly in describing hormones. Basically, the term “natural” is meaningless and useless in describing effective HRT products.

“Bio-identical hormones” are now commonly available. The American public (both men and women) knows this and seeks bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because it is better. The entire medical profession should know this as well. Old drugs such as Wyeth Ayerst’s Premarin is made from pregnant horse urine and contains a mixture of horse estrogens. It should no longer have any place in the practice of medicine with regard to human female HRT.

Bio-identical hormones custom compounded by pharmacies will continue to be available, but as an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (February 2008) states, compounding pharmacies should be regulated as are large manufacturers like Wyeth-Ayerst. The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products I recommend are bio-identical hormones carefully compounded to replace to proper levels the human hormones patients may lack. I do not recommend anything described as “natural” hormones norhormone products derived from pregnant horse urine.Demand a HRT using bio-identical HRT.

Bio-identical hormones are here, and the American public (both men and women) knows it. The entire medical profession should as well. Old drugs such as Wyeth’s Premarin, made from pregnant mares’ urine and containing a mixture of horse estrogens, no longer have any place in the practice of medicine.

Estradiol and Progesterone which are, molecule for molecule, absolutely identical to hormones produced by the human ovary, but are derived from a plant source.