Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), Hormones and Menopause

About hormones is an informational website to help both men and women better understand hormones, Menopause and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)– including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormones, DHEA and DHEA sulfate, and occasionally human growth hormone (HGH) if indicated.

Estrogen therapy administered orally received a lot of publicity about the dangers of estrogen. The result is many women who would benefit from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have quit taking estrogen or refuse to consider it at all. That is unfortunate because hormone replacement is an excellent way to reduce the symptoms and physical effects of menopause.

There is an alternative to the problems associated with orally administered estrogen. Dr. Woodward’s patients use “Estradiol” topical cream that is applied directly to the skin and does not pass through the liver. Estradiol pellets, which are commonly used in England, are implanted just below the skin to provide a constant level of hormones. Both methods stop hormonal fluctuation that produces migraines, mood swings, depression, hot flashes, sleep disruption, and mental confusion. The pellets are growing in popularity since they cause no significant side effects.  However, drug companies do not promote them since they cannot be patented.

The respected Cooper Clinic in Dallas Texas conducted two studies of his patients to determine bone density and arterial calcium buildup. The studies found that his patients have 11% better bone density and 26% less calcified arteriosclerotic plaques than patients referred by other doctors. Furthermore the difference increased by ages 65 to 70. This tells us that “bio-identical hormone replacement” therapy is not only effective but also safer.

If you are suffering from hormone depletion, I encourage you to learn more about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Please feel free to contact Dr. Woodward at his practice at 972-566-7870.